I sleep face down and in cold weather pajamas
of life I laugh because it is short and pleasant
jacket and tie not use nor do I like the protocol
I'm in good company but take care of myself....
Philanthropy is not one of my hobbies
I have several addictions and I deal
however I do not accept if they try to indoctrinate
I want to choose which poison, poison me
The drugs are better with you ♥

Adèle Exarchopoulos -Elle France - September 2013

i miss worshiping her body
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the virgin suicides (1999)








If I was a female, this post would just be the best.

I can’t breathe

I’m a dude and this belongs on my tumblr haha

I still can’t get over this.
So accurate its unbelievable 



I will reblog this every time I have my period

my aunt told me a story which scared me so much that I don’t believe my period anymore. when she was 18, she was training in the army and she got hurt during training and when she went to the medic, the guy told her she had to go home. she was very confused, because she felt absolutely fine and wanted to finish her training but the medic told her she couldn’t because..wait for it..she was 2 months pregnant. she told me she nearly collapsed because she was still getting her period, didn’t have morning sickness or any other signs of pregnancy.